How often do you fix
managers' HR problems,
only to see those problems
repeat themselves?

    2-day Program:

9am -- 5pm
Chicago (Deerfield)
Program Fee: $800.00
Workbook: $35.00
Refund 21 days prior to program

       Managers continue to be presented

   with greater challenges in people

   management. HR professionals

   are being called upon to devote

   an even larger portion of

   their time to coaching.



Program Focus

This program includes, as well as goes beyond, the skills of coaching. It is designed to give participants a personal development experience in several ways:

  • An acknowledgement of their qualities and communication strengths that they bring to a coaching encounter

  • An examination of their pattern and motives for “helping” managers through issues and problems

  • A deeper awareness resulting from what they notice about themselves when they coach
Program Content

There are three major coaching arenas emphasized in the program:
  1. A coaching model that embraces five skills/talents that the coach uses in the coaching process.

  2. Listening, listening and more listening at three different levels

  3. Asking powerful questions that help the coachee deepen his/her awareness and take responsibility for taking a course of action.

Additionally, the program is dedicated to determining when to take on one of the three roles that an HR professional plays – Expert, Facilitator, Coach. Participants determine when to be in which role and where they can be coach rather than the expert more of the time.

Program Format

Participants will have a total of five opportunities to coach during the program with each opportunity building in intensity. All coaching topics are taken from the participant’s real-life work situations. Participants also experience what it’s like to be coached.

Program Take Away

At the end of the first day of the program, participants create a coaching goal for themselves that focuses on some aspect of how they coach. They get coached on their goal on the second day. It is from that coaching that participants create the action steps for moving forward after the program on their goal.

Comments from past participants:

“I have a totally different view of coaching now.”

“The biggest learning for me was how different coaching skills are from all the other HR skills I’ve acquired over the years.”

“The discovery that I don’t have to give the person the solution to his problem, but rather, let him realize it for himself.”


    Should you always be the expert?
Do you wonder if you should be more of a coach?

Would you be excited to learn how to help managers
become more independent problem solvers
on HR issues?

You can now provide the kind of
help you've wanted to be able to
give managers.

  Coaching Skills for HR Professionals
offers a powerful skillset for increasing your
value to your organization.

  • Determine when to coach and when to
    solve someone's problem
  • Apply the TAPP model
    for coaching on a wide
    range of issues
  • Ask the questions
    that draw out
    options and
    activate choices
  • Use five essential coaching skills

Human resources managers and generalists, employee relations specialists, trainers and OD practitioners are invited to attend this two-day program.

  • Help managers pinpoint core issues
    and problems

  • Challenge perspectives that block
    independent problem solution

  • Help managers access the answers that
    they have already within themselves

  • Turn "problem-fixing" into coaching
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